Savini Momenti d’Autore transforms spaces into backdrops of pure beauty, embellishing every event with sophisticated details.

All décor is created with passion and creativity: from sophisticated backdrops to flower arrangements, each element is curated, researched, and planned, from the initial concept right through to its final execution.

Colours complement each other beautifully, while the light design creates suggestive effects, blending harmoniously with the architecture of the space.

Savini Momenti d’Autore transforms spaces into backdrops of pure beauty, imbuing every event with unrivalled elegance. Bespoke designs are developed for every occasion using photos, colour palettes, and mood boards.

Backdrops of pure beauty

Projects led by Savini Momenti d’Autore are customised and realised based on individual preferences and the theme of the event, to deliver an ad hoc experience that reflects the customer’s personality and style.

Be it a dream wedding, an exclusive party, or a prestigious corporate event, the professional teams are skilled at transforming spaces into magical, magnificent settings.